Shai Petel

MVP Office Servers and Services

Session title:
Who Said You Have to Be a Power-User to Create Dynamic Forms in SharePoint/O365?

Most available form solutions for SharePoint are designed for power-users, requiring technical skills to work with complex designers such as InfoPath. But why can’t form creating be as easy as creating a WORD document?? In this session Shai Petel, the R&D Director of KWizCom, will demonstrate how non-technical business users can quickly create powerful forms by using KWizCom Forms – a 100% SharePoint-native Forms solution for SharePoint on-premises and Office 365.

Speaker bio:
Co-founder of KWizCom Corporation, acting as a Director of Research and Development for the company, Shai has been designing and developing SharePoint solutions since version 2001. As a former Microsoft certified trainer and currently an MCPD SharePoint Developer, Shai has been an MVP SharePoint Server since 2011.
With vast experience in working with dedicated in-house teams, as well as heading KWizCom’s SharePoint Online product line Shai has a wealth of unique knowledge in all things SharePoint.